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Viktoria Herdt Viktoria Herdt

Showcase Augmented Reality

Our life as we know it today will change significantly with Augmented Reality. Augmented Reality is the best way to visualize things that might not exist yet. With this technology, you can see what your next home will look like or how a new car will drive - it's a new dimension when it comes to stimulating the senses. An indispensable tool, especially in sales and offline as well as online for the e-commerce of tomorrow. AR can be used to create engaging and interactive experiences in advertising, retail, and entertainment, increasing customer engagement and driving sales.

  • Web based
    Note: Does not work in the Instagram Browser 
  • How
    On mobile click on the cube to experience the models in Augmented Reality.
  • Showcase
    For the following Multimodel you would need a great Internet connection. 

Supported Devices

Supported iOS 12+ devices (iPhone 7 and newer or iPad 5 and newer) via AR Quick Look and supported Android devices with ARCore 1.9 support on Android 8+. You can find a list of supported devices here. Firefox and the Samsung browser support the AR function to a limited extent. Please use the AR mode with Chrome for Android and the standard browser Safari for iOS.Apple’s Quicklook is pre-installed; with Android you may have to install Google’s Play Services for AR first. 

AR can be used in education and training to interactive learning experiences.​
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