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Viktoria Herdt Viktoria Herdt

Your offer depends on what you need

My Social Media Services

Shots are conditionally possible

Either you provide me with images and videos or we shoot them together (depends on your location). 

Customized for you

After taking stock of what goals you are pursuing with your social media presence, what corporate identity you have, what the market looks like etc., we start the content creation. This will be sent to you for approval before publication. How much we post and what kind of content you want we clarify in the pre analysis.

Up to you

Either you plan your content yourself or I offer you this service. I take into consideration factors such as analysis of the market, trending topics, hashtag research, hooks, etc..

What exactly you can imagine

Some Examples

Answer a few questions and I'll get back to you.

Offer inquiry

My own Social Media - click them

Dynamic Designs / Reels

Client examples - click them

Animated Designs / Stories

The process may differ slightly

How it works


The colors depending on the Corporate Design , needs & Co.

Feed Design Showcases

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    How can I help you?

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